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When it comes to our online casino reviews, we have aimed most of our attention to the credibility of the enterprise. By all means we love to play in a casino that looks great, is fast and user friendly and has a great customer support that resolves your issues in minutes.

Nevertheless all of these features mean nothing when a casino doesn’t pay you after you have won big. That is why we mainly focus on the credibility of a casino and the likelihood of them paying your jackpot winnings. Don`t get us wrong. We do take into account the other features as well but just not so much.

So how do we assess a credibility of an online casino? Well we do the research. We google complaints about it, gather feedback ourselves and assess the financial numbers of it. Combining this information will give us a pretty good idea about the likelihood of getting paid after a big win.

Choosing size over design is a sure bet

Generally speaking the size and financial numbers of a casino speaks itself. It is way more secure to play at one of the biggest online casinos than choose a little startup guy. Of course you might not get as many rewards from established operators than you would from a new casino. Great examples of big and extremely safe casinos are Betsafe, Bet365 and Unibet.

We use different websites and google to rate all the casinos we have on our site. And we lower it based on the complaints we find. If they are accurate and the casinos has really done something unethical we mark that casino out so you would know not to use it.

We also lower the rankings of casinos based by:

  • Regulator
  • Whether or not hey have used fake or tweaked games
  • Whether or not they are blacklisted by askgamblers for example.

Our team really takes its time in writing the reviews we have on our site. We want to make sure that people who love gambling can do it in a safe and secure way so that they can concentrate on what they love and not worry about losing their money to a scam. Most of the online casino review sites are rubbish. Our aim is to change that.