High Stakes Casinos and Gambling Sites

Gambling. What is the first thing that comes into your mind? Money and risk taking right? What about a lot of money and a high-level thrilling risk taking? That is when high stakes gambling steps into the picture. And for a highroller the only thing missing in that formula are the high stakes casinos. In this article we will take a look at everything you need to know about gambling with high stakes. Both in online and live casinos. Enough of talk and let`s dive right into the world of high stakes gambling sites.

There are so many of us who love the excitement and adventure that comes along with the casinos. And while there are numerous people who enjoy a cautious and somewhat sensible approach towards the choice of their betting amounts, sometimes setting table and game limits for themselves, there are even more players who can afford to play bigger and are willing to take a greater chance in order to get a greater win. These people are called high rollers and are known to be fearless when it comes to the amounts that they spend on chips. For them, the excitement of gambling lies in the dangerous nature of the chance when it comes to potentially losing a significant amount of money.

High stakes gambling has a lot of different aspects and we will be glad to take you on the adventure of exploring all of them if you are ready to up your game. Moving on from that careful betting strategy you are used to and diving into the world of high stakes is an incredible experience that can bring one much bigger rewards. Eager to find out more? Let’s keep going then.

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The Best High Stakes Casinos in 2022

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How to Find the Best High Stakes Casinos Online

While there are many high stakes casinos to be found on the web, not all of them are worth the effort. With that being said, we’ve done the research for you. When we review casinos with high stakes on our website, we take numerous factors into consideration. We want our readers to get a perfect recommendation, leaving no stone unturned during our reviews and giving you an honest overview.

Below you can see some of the factors we consider in our reviews.

  • License: the first thing we check when rating and reviewing online casinos on these pages is the license. It makes perfect sense. The license is the single most important factor for a safe and secure gambling experience. All the high stakes gambling sites on this page are fully licensed by the top authorities, including the UKGC and MGA. We’ll never promote so-called independent (unlicensed) casinos.
  • Safety and security: while the license is certainly important, the best high stakes online casino will come packed with extra security features too. Some of those include a proper and valid SSL certificate. This certification is easy to obtain and ensures that the website doesn’t leak your data to third-parties online. You can easily check the SSL certificate via your browser by clicking on the small padlock icon left of the address bar when you’re visiting a casino. If it’s green and says site is secure, your data will be kept under wraps in that casino.
  • Number of games: another thing that’s important when playing in high stakes casinos is the variety of games. A good online casino will have many games that you can play with high stakes. Those should include slots and jackpots as well as poker, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. Make sure the tables allow high stakes – if they don’t and you’re a high-roller, what’s the point of playing in that casino?
  • Variety of payment methods: not all payment methods will allow you to deposit a lot of money. As a matter of fact, only a handful will. The best high stakes casinos will have a great variety of payment options that allow you to deposit more money and play with higher stakes. These should include credit and debit cards, online banking, e-wallets, and maybe even cryptocurrencies. The latter have pretty high limits, allowing you to bet higher stakes.
  • Customer support: the best high stakes casinos should have a customer support service that runs around the clock and offers several channels to get in touch with. There should always be an e-mail paired with 24/7 live chat support where the agents will be answering your questions promptly. A good Help/FAQ page is also a must as they offer quick answers to the most common questions high stakes players should have. Of course, the Help page should include questions that high-rollers might ask.

Types of Bonuses in high stakes gambling sites

As a high-roller in a casino where high stakes are allowed, you’ll be entitled to big money bonuses. Casinos know perfectly what high-rollers need, and they oblige when it comes to the extras. You will score a combination of typical and high stakes bonus offers that will give your buck even more bang.

Take a look at the most common bonus offers at the best high stakes casinos.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is a mainstay in online casinos, high stakes or not. It is usually a combination of a 100% first deposit bonus match that may or may not be paired with free spins. It’s easy to claim it, with most casinos requiring a sign up and deposit. If it’s a no deposit bonus, you can claim it even easier. New high-rollers are likely to score a bigger bonus than the usual, or a bigger sum spread across their first few deposits.

All the elements and conditions for the welcome offer will be written under the T&Cs. Make sure to read them in detail before you claim the sign up bonus. If the wagering is quite high and the terms seem unfair, you can look elsewhere.

High-Roller Bonus at high stakes gambling sites

The top high stakes casinos on the web will have high-roller bonuses. Which is only normal. When a website is designed to accommodate the needs of high-rollers, it will surely have bonuses that suit them the best. What’s a high-roller bonus? That’s simple – it’s a much bigger bonus than the ones typically offered in online casinos. We’re talking 100% (or bigger) boosts to large deposits, because high stakes players are willing to spend more to win more.

High-roller bonuses should give your already large bankroll a nice boost, which means more games and bets and better winning opportunities. Of course, you shouldn’t just claim that bonus if you’re not willing to spend big. But, that shouldn’t be a problem for high-rollers, who will likely appreciate the extra funds for their gambling exploits.

Deposit and No Deposit Bonuses

Apart from the welcome offer, high stakes players can expect plenty of deposit surprises. High stakes online casinos love high-rollers because they spend more. There’s absolutely no chance for them to win all their bets, which means their big bankrolls mostly stay in the casino. To keep things fair, casinos reward them with huge boosts on their deposits, paired with a few no deposit freebies too.

Deposit bonuses will cover 100% of large deposits or more, while no deposit bonuses will give high-rollers a nice chance to continue playing. The whole purpose of these bonuses is to keep these players focused on the casino’s games. They also expect more freebies that will keep them in the game for longer, so it’s a win-win situation for all the parties involved.

Loyalty Rewards at high stakes gambling sites

High stakes casino players usually stay loyal to casinos. That goes double if they reward them nicely. In order to keep these players playing, most high stakes online casinos have unbeatable loyalty (VIP) programs with bigger bonuses and benefits too.

It’s not just about the rewards. VIPs who spend big are entitled to great benefits. Some of those include looser bonus T&Cs, faster withdrawals, better withdrawing limits, and possibly even a personal account manager. The bonuses will mostly be the same as the regular, accompanied by reloads and cashbacks that come on a weekly or monthly basis.

Some high stakes online casinos will also have exclusive rewards. Those may be the latest gadgets, expensive cruises, or even expensive cars such as the Tesla.

What is known as High Stakes Gambling?

Although there is no common definition for the high stakes gambling as it can vary from one casino to another and from one player’s opinion to other player’s opinion, it is world widely believed that betting starting from $50 up to $200 per one game/round can be considered as the high stakes gambling.

Of course, there will always be people who tend to think that they are high rollers based on the amounts they bet, but it is not necessarily going to mean that they really are in the eyes of the gambling society. What is “a lot” to one might be just some “coins” to other. It can also depend on the casino game as they all have different player and bet limits as well as rules. If we are to compare high stakes slots to a poker game, it is clear that slots is a one-player game so you depend on yourself and your stakes only and poker is a multiple player game where a winning pot, even if it is a big one, can be divided by the fellow winners that are sharing the table with you.

Keep in mind that online gambling and high stakes gambling sites generally usually provide higher gambling opportunities than the land-based casinos. Surely both have the maximum bet along with the minimum bet as is would not be really fair or reasonable to have an unlimited amount of betting options. Nonetheless, high rollers have no need to worry as usually gaming operators have special treats for them, such as exclusive tables designed to their best, providing remarkably high thresholds, and leaving all risk senses of the big players pleased. This way, high stakes players do not feel left aside and are able to have the experience they are after without any kind of disappointment playing at the tables with a much lower limit that they can afford and are willing to pay.

After all, to be completely honest, the excitement of risk taking is probably not the main reason as of why high rollers are putting their money out there. We all know it is the thrill of winning money that draws them to the casinos. That is the core of gambling. Simple as that. Plus, the more money you bet on the more money you can possibly win. This, however, does not in any way mean that high rollers should avoid the basics of responsible gambling and forget their senses when playing on that Roulette or a Blackjack table. One should always understand his own limits and not put himself or the family in any kind of financial troubles. If your limits are high, it is still vital to stop when the fun stops. Responsible gambling is what makes gambling an entertainment and keeps it within the sensible borders.

high stakes casinos

007 is definitely one of the worlds most famous high stakes players

The best High Stakes Casinos – what separates one from another?

Let us ask you a question – would you prefer to play for low stakes in online casinos or play in high stakes casinos? For the majority of players, the former is the better option. After all, the casual player doesn’t spend a lot of money unless he wins big and tries a riskier hand or spin. But, for some players, high stakes casinos are a much better choice. Why? Because they can’t resist the thrill of risk.

Why choose a high stake casino for your endeavors? That’s what we’ll explore in this guide. We’ll also give you a list of the best high stakes casinos we’ve found online where you can risk a hand to win big.

What are High Stakes Casinos?

Before we get into the specifics of how to find a high stakes casino, let’s learn more about the term. In the world of gambling, high stakes means betting over $100 per hand or spin. Or $5 or more for slot games. Of course, each online casino sets the stakes itself, so you won’t find any casino allowing you to go wild at a table or slot game.

High stakes casinos are much riskier than low stakes gaming sites. Everything else is the same, but playing for high stakes means risking more money, even if you were to win really big sums of cash. Online casinos typically offer a wide range of bets that suit both low- and high-rollers. That’s one of their biggest advantages as opposed to high stakes joints in Las Vegas.

So, to put it simply, high stakes casinos are gaming sites where you can bet really big sums of money and win more than you dreamed of. Not that it’s so easy.

Why Play in high stakes gambling sites?

Well, the benefits are quite obvious. Hardcore gamblers wouldn’t like it any other way. They aren’t willing to spend a few bucks just to win an insubstantial amount. They’re ready to roll like the big boys and win big at tables and slots.

That thrill is very dangerous and addictive, so don’t try it if you can’t afford it. Still, if you’re the player who isn’t afraid of going all in, this guide to the best high stakes casinos is what you’re looking for.

What are High Rollers?

High rollers are gamblers who want and will spend a lot of money on a game or slot. These players aren’t related to Vegas only. There are many who spend big in online casinos too, winning big amounts of money if they’re lucky. Once again – don’t try big bets unless you can afford them. High stakes casinos can get pretty pricey, and can bleed your bankroll with ease if you’re not careful.

High Limits Games

As you probably have already realised, high stakes is just a threshold that is imposed on the games. Therefore, there are numerous casino games that are offering these kind of bet limits to the players. This means that actually any high stakes player can find his or her favourite game and indulge into the high-risk gambling.

Although all big players have common wishes and goals when it comes to high stakes gambling, their choice and game preferences may vary depending on several factors. Some might enjoy a more strategical aspect of the game, favouring such casino games as Poker or Blackjack, while some might have more pleasure leaving it all to the lady luck, choosing the Roulette or a Slot machine. It is all about the level of confidence in the particular game and high rollers usually know their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to all of them. When your stakes are high you want to take the risk in the game that you are comfortable in. Gambling is already an activity that consists of chance and risk taking, so why risk it when you are not so sure about your actions.

Consequently, you can find any high stakes game at high stakes casinos that you can only imagine. However, there are such all-time favourites as high stakes Slots, high stakes Roulette, high stakes Blackjack and high stakes Poker that we will go through below.

High Stakes Slots

A game on the high stakes slots machine is basically wholly dependent on luck. This makes slots one of the easiest games to bet on as it only requires you pulling the level after the bet is placed. The game lacks strategy as we know it and is not quite suitable for those high-stake players that like to be “in charge” of their game and use their knowledge and skills along with risk taking in the game.

High stakes slots are basically doing everything for you. The reel is spinning while you are waiting for it to hit the jackpot relying purely on luck. Although there are some common tips you have to keep in mind when playing on slots, such as the fact that one hand bandits are designed for the specific time  winnings along with the amount of games there are played on the specific slot. Jackpot is fundamentally connected to the number of the games. The bigger the jackpot the bigger is the chance of hitting it as it means that the machine did not give any pay-out for a while. You have to agree it is very appealing, however at the same time there is practically nothing you can do to influence the win anyhow. Therefore, this might be the reason big players tend to give their preferences to other games.

playing online slots with €1200 bets

Playing online slots with €1200 bets

High Stakes Roulette

Being one of the world’s most popular and known casino games out of all, Roulette has plentiful variations and is presented in almost all land-based and online casinos nowadays. High stakes Roulette is not left without the attention of high rollers as they favour this game despite the fact it has some similarities with high stakes slots in terms of it being a game of chance.

It is a fast-paced casino game that gives you an opportunity to place a bet and get the result within seconds. The ball is spun by the dealer or automatically straight after the betting countdown is over and the ball falls in the winning number indicating whether you have won the round depending on the bet you have chosen to place. The main difference between the Roulette and the slot game is that you have an option to bet on something specific on the Roulette whereas a slot machine decides everything for you after the bet is placed. Yet still there are a lot of people who believe that high stakes Roulette is a game of luck, but the vast majority are more optimistic and confident that there are strategies and ways of making that wheel of fortune spin in your favour.

Nevertheless, you are in charge of the game. Even if it requires to use your senses, such as intuition, it is still you who is choosing whether to place a bet on red or black, odd or even. That is basically a fifty-fifty chance if we are not taking zero into the account and can help you to double your money in no time (in case you win). For example, if you place a bet of $100 on a black number and the ball drops in the black number you get $200 meaning that you have doubled your money. Same applies to the bets on odd and even numbers. If you place a $100 bet on an even number and it wins, you get $200. You can also bet both on black and even and if the winning number is black and even you get a double money on both bets.

While some high rollers are so fond of the swift nature of this game some might find it too fast-paced. High stakes in combination with the quick game can either make you or break you. It is very tempting to win big, but if you lose you might not have it in you or with you to recover after losing big so quickly.

There is a big variety of bets on the Roulette and the most obvious one would probably be betting on a specific number. High rollers do usually realize the great risk this bet represents as the chance of the ball hitting the precise number you have chosen is quite low. However, the pay-out of 37 to 1 if it does hit your number is undeniably appealing. Let us put it in amounts of money. If you bet $50 and the ball lands in your chosen number,  you get a tempting pay-out of $1,850. High stakes mean high pay-outs, but it can also leave you without the sufficient funds after just several spins.

Although a high stakes Roulette with its fairly good odds of fifty-fifty is very attractive to the big players and every game is a new beginning as it does not depend on the previous spin in any way, the strategy here is nothing to compare to the game of blackjack that is directly connected to each previously dealt hand, the cards that were out on the table and have left the game before the next hand.

All in all, a Roulette game is a game of luck and possesses very little strategy. This is one of the factors that draws high rollers away from this game as they might find it a bit dull. However, high stakes players are getting the adrenaline of gambling through the thrill of possibly big wins and little odds, so they do not leave the high stakes Roulette tables unattended.

No matter how much money you are willing or can afford to bet in order to win or get those senses and risk-taking thrill rolling you must remember the importance of the rules each game has. Even though a game of Roulette might seem pretty straight forward and simple, it has varieties, and one has to know if it’s a single zero European, French, or a double zero American version of the Roulette. When it comes to bets themselves there are outside and inside bets that are comprised of different bets and so on. Whether you are willing to play in the land-based casino or wish to take your chances in an online one, it is very important to understand the pay-outs as well as be attentive to the table bet limits. It would not be very sensible to bet big unless you really understand how the game works.

As mentioned already a lot of players tend to believe that they can somehow predict the outcome of the game and place their chips on that winning number. They do not purely leave their bets in the hands of the lady luck, but instead base their moves on the statistics and the law of probability. Online casino providers who offer Roulette tables also offer impressive interface designs that allow you to see all the latest activity on the Roulette table. High stakes players like to use such tools in order to base their strategy on some odds. As an example, the law of probability does state that if the last five winning numbers were black, then there is a much higher chance for the next winning number to be red. This should not in any way mean that it is going to be the case, but the statistics and probability rules are there for a reason.

High Stakes Blackjack

Blackjack is the classics of the card games. It gets its popularity both in simplicity of the rules and the opportunity of strategy using which can help you either multiply your stack of chips or at least leave you with some money at the end of the game.

Several decks, each consistent of 52 cards, are used for playing blackjack. It can be up to eight decks mixed together. The game is dealt by the dealer, who takes the cards from the shoe and deals them to each of the participants, a standard Blackjack game has 7 players gathered at the table. The goal of the players is to beat the gambling establishment represented by the dealer. To do this, you need to score an equal number or as close as possible to 21 points.

To become a master of blackjack, you need to learn to understand the value of the cards. For example, face cards (Jack, Queen, King) and a card with a ten score 10 points. The largest card (Ace) is valued at 1 or 11 points (depending on the cards it comes with, always in a favor of the player or the dealer). If an Ace is dealt with the cards that give you a total value that is more than 21, then the value of an Ace is counted as 1. Everything is clear when it comes to other cards, you get what you see meaning that their value is equal to their value. The classic version does not imply the meaning of the suit. The blackjack combination (the presence of an ace plus ten) is the best. The pay-out for blackjack is the original bet x 1.5. Let’s say players original bet was $50 and he got blackjack, which means he would get $75. Other cards that add up to 21 points are less significant. There are two ways to win in Blackjack. Either you score more points than the dealer (in this case, you need to keep within the number 21), or the dealer gets more than 21 points, which in Blackjack terminology is called “bust”. If the player has received up to 21 points inclusive, and the dealer has bust, player wins. In the opposite situation, house wins. With an equal number of points (when there is no blackjack), a draw is obtained, the money put at stake is returned to the player’s account. In the case when no one has bust, the winner is the one with the most points.

It is also useful to know that dependant on the casino you choose to practice your Blackjack skills you will be meat by some house rules. The trick is in the fact that player’s decision on whether to “stand” or to “draw” is purely based on himself, but dealer’s decision is based on the guidelines of the casino. Some casinos instruct the dealer to “stand” when the value of his cards is 17, some instruct to “hit” (take another card) if it is a “soft” 17 (when one of the cards is an ace and one or more other cards totalling to six).

Although the game of Blackjack seems to be as easy as a walk in the park, if you are just a beginner it is advised to start with smaller bets before increasing them. You should give yourself the sufficient time to learn everything there is in this game and get comfortable.

As mentioned before, blackjack is the game where strategy plays a very big part. Knowing the strategy is quite crucial in order to be successful in this game. Another thing to be prepared for and keep in mind is that unlike some other games this is the game “against” the dealer. Even though this is the case, other betting players at the table can influence the whole outcome of the game. That is why it is great when you know your strategy, but it is even better when all the players follow the strategy.

Let’s get to the basics and the law of probability that is the core of the strategy in this exciting game. You already know that casinos use up to eight decks of cards per play (before reshuffling). The lowest amount of decks to be used is known to be six decks. This means that based on the amount of decks there are, you can try to figure out how many “high” cards have left the game and are still to be drawn by the dealer. There are sixteen cards with a value of 10 per each deck. This brings us to the odds of 30% that the next card that is about to be dealt by the dealer is going to have the value of 10. That is just one tip for the player to keep in mind. Now if we think about the fact how the cards are being dealt we can see that the dealer draws two face up cards per each betting player and draws two cards for himself leaving one face up and the other card hidden (it is also called a house hidden card). This basically leads us to the main blackjack strategy that advices a player to base his decision on whether to “hit” or “stand” depending on the value of dealer’s face up card and the sum of player’s dealt cards. Some basic rules would be:

  • Always hit a soft 17
  • Always double on 11 and stand on hard 17 (or greater)
  • Never stand on 12-16 if dealer’s face up card is 7 or higher

If we follow the law of probability that gives us a 30% chance of a high card to be next, we could assume that if the dealer’s face up card is 7 or more his hidden card would be 10, and that would leave him in a pretty favourable situation. Thus, you have a higher possibility of winning by hitting 12-16. Of course, your hitting card could be 10 leaving you bust, but again gambling is all about taking the risk. There, however, is no risk at all in hitting anything that is less than 12. Nonetheless, it is considered wiser to follow the standard blackjack strategy even if at times it seems a bit tricky. This also applies to “splitting”. You will always have an option to split 2 cards if their value is the same (from 2s up till Aces). This will leave you with 2 separate hands (like playing 2 boxes at the same time) and you can either win big or lose big. Here are some pro tips:

  • Always split Aces and 8s
  • Never split 5s or 10s

Now when it comes to being the beginner in this game it is quite obvious that some players can be a bit slower in decision making, although the biggest difference between the land-based and an online casino is having a limited time for the decision making. Most of online casinos implement such deadline to keep the game rolling. And let us be honest with you, no professional player likes to linger and especially be dependent on other player’s straying. Players at high stakes gambling sites specifically enjoy the fast-paced aspect of this game that gives them an opportunity to indulge in the big risky betting that if they play their cards out correctly can leave them with an impressive amount of cash. That is why they favor the online version of this game. If not playing at the live table against the live dealer at the multi-seat table, they have an opportunity to play in the RNG mode, which means that the cards are dealt automatically by the computer, and it is the house against the player. This gives a high roller a feeling that he is in a more control comparing to a real casino where he can be affected by other player’s decisions that in some cases can be catastrophic in terms losses for him.

One might remember some of the casino movies or some of the Las Vegas history events that shed the light on the oldest blackjack winning workaround that is known as card counting. It seems like a more dangerous and impossible mission nowadays as casinos do not favor those who do that and if such player is discovered he will definitely end up in the “black list” and get banned from the particular casino if not from all other city casinos. The technical thing here would be the fact that casinos use six to eight decks per shoe and “burn” a card before each round, so even if your card counting skills are on top it makes it much harder to predict which cards have left the game and which are yet to be drawn from the shoe.

All in all, Blackjack is a fun and easy game that praises your skills and attention to the detail and encourages you with those winning amounts of money. There are plenty online casinos out there that offer high table limits for the serious high stakes blackjack players.

Beautiful live dealers make high stakes gambling more attractive

Beautiful live dealers make high stakes gambling more attractive that`s for sure

High Stakes Poker

Poker is probably one of the most exciting and hard games to learn out there, yet it does not lack its followers around the world. If compared to Slots or Roulette, Poker definitely is all about the skill and knowledge rather than a pure chance taking. Not only is this game about the rules, following strategies, understanding the body language and styles of playing of other players, but it is also about your confidence. Poker is not for the faint-hearted, but once you get it you get it. High stakes players find the proper amount of sophistication and thrill in this game.

Online and land-based poker have some differences and if a player is confident and successful in a real casino it might not necessarily mean that he will posses the same amount of confidence when playing online. However, in the end it all comes to the basics- rules of the game.

Modern poker includes many varieties of the game. At the moment, there are more than one hundred and fifty of them. They differ in many nuances: the number of cards in the player’s hands and community cards on the table, the conditions for making bets and their limits and the number of betting rounds.

The most popular version of Poker is the Texas Hold’em, owning it to the simplicity of the rules. It is especially known on the Internet. Texas Hold’em is that Poker game that is played at all kinds of tournaments and the one that is broadcasted on TV or online. The purpose of the game is to win the pot that is formed by the bets of all participating players. In case of a draw the pot is split by the two winners.

Every player of Texas Hold’em is dealt two cards that are called pocket cards. Before these cards are dealt, two players must place blind bets – the blinds. There are big and small blinds. For example, at a $50/100 table, the big blind is $100, and the small blind is $50. The duty to post the blinds is determined by the dealer’s chip, which moves clockwise after each dealt hand. The player with the dealer’s chip during the distribution takes the button position (button). The player to the left of the button makes the small blind, the poker player behind him makes the big blind. If the game is dealt by the dealer the positions of a small and big blind remain. The poker player to the left of the big blind is the first to have a say. On the flop and in subsequent betting rounds, the small blind is the first to have a say. Then it is down to the rest of the players clockwise. Blind betting creates a starting pot that players will compete for. When it is time to make a decision, a player can make one of the following:

  • Bet – place a bet. This action is available if there have not been any bids or increases in the current bidding round. The minimum bet size is one big blind, the maximum is all the player’s chips at the table (all-in).
  • Raise – raise the bet. The minimum raise is twice the last bet or raise. The maximum raise size is limited only by your amount of chips.
  • Call – match the bet
  • Check – pass the move to the next player without investing money. The check is available if there were no bets and raises before.
  • Fold – drop the cards and leave the hand

A player has an option to make a decision during the preflop (player’s first 2 cards), flop (3 community cards at the table), turn (4 community cards) and river (5 community cards). The most important aspect to learn about the game of Poker is its combinations and their odds. The better the combination the lower are the odds of getting it, but the higher is the pay-out. That is a very tempting and alluring point for the high stakes poker players. Here are Poker combinations:

  1. Royal Flush: A, K, Q, J, 10, all the same suit (odds: 1 in 649,737)
  2. Straight Flush: Five cards in a sequence, all in the same suit (odds: 1 in 72,193)
  3. Four of A Kind: All four cards of the same rank (odds: 1 in 4164)
  4. Full House: Three of a kind with a pair (odds: 1 in 693)
  5. Flush: Any five cards of the same suit, but not in a sequence (odds: 1 in 508)
  6. Straight: Five cards in a sequence, but not of the same suit (odds: 1 in 253)
  7. Three Of A Kind: Three cards of the same rank (odds: 1 in 46)
  8. Two Pair: Two different pairs (odds: 1 in 20)
  9. One Pair: Two cards of the same rank (odds: 1 in 1.4)
  10. High Card: Player’s highest card in case there are no above combinations (odds: 1 in 0.99)

Poker newbies have to be able to assess their chances of winning when it comes to showdown. With a strong hand, you will be able to invest in the bank. With a weak one- bluff or fold. For all of this to really help you in getting the winning pot, you need a bit more than just being familiar with poker combinations and their seniority. Poker takes time and skill building, some players have even made it as their main way of earning. Thus, for a thrill loving high better it is crucial to get acquainted with all the aspects this exciting game brings.

high stakes poker game

Recent high stakes live poker game in Private Kings casino resort

Live Dealer Casino

It is not always all about the game itself, but also about the environment, that special “feel” that casinos have and the possibility of the interaction with the dealer and other players. High rollers know this very well. But sometimes they do not have an opportunity or a wish to visit the land-based casino, which is when the perfect solution comes in place, the online casinos. One of the main reasons of online casinos growing popularity is that they offer players a complete casino gaming experience in the comfort of their own home. You can bet on your favourite games while interacting with the dealer and other players if you wish, but you also have an incredible option of “muting” everyone and focusing solely on the gaming itself. Over the years, this casino gaming experience has become more realistic and attracted even more people who find it easier to sit down at their computer and play multiple hands than to drive or fly to the nearest traditional casino. Today, the real money casino experience is becoming more realistic as table games can now be played online with real, live dealers in live online casinos. It can be any game that you can only imagine, if it exists in your local casino it will be on the Internet.

In reputable online casinos, live games are controlled by the typical dealer you have probably seen many times in traditional casinos. They know their job well and have solid experience in the industry. Since you least want to run into any problems playing your favorite game, live dealer casinos offer you their licensed, trustworthy products. It is understandable that some people can still find, let’s say, online roulette presented by the dealer, which is broadcasted live from a studio that looks like a real casino, a little odd. For others, however, this is perfectly acceptable.

Since the inception of online casinos in the early 1990s, there have always been many sceptics who say that casino games are rigged and set up to make you lose over and over again. And although several online establishments have been found guilty of unfair business practices, such situations are becoming less and less common over time. Online games at any reputable online casino are completely random, as verified by a third-party auditor. This fact is well known and well documented and can leave high stakes players quite satisfied.

High rollers prefer online casinos for their high limits that are favorably higher than in the land-based versions. If this is added on top of a high video and sound quality and a player has a high-speed connection from the place he is playing that just makes the whole experience so look-a-like to the real casino. On top of that, online casinos are technologically savvy so you can enjoy lots of different technology perks and gaming from anywhere in the world even “on the go”.

Know your Game

Surely, we all want to enjoy an occasional Blackjack or Poker game, or try our luck in a game of Roulette or Poker. The main factor to keep in mind here would be- know your game. There is a huge difference between playing safely and betting low and playing as a high stakes player. The luck can go both ways and you want to have at least a bit of the upper hand when it comes to the decision making.

The knowledge of game rules and practice are the basics of good gaming activity. The chances of winning rapidly increase with the certain amount of skill the player has. Responsible gambling along with understanding the laws of probability are the key to success in any casino game a high roller chooses to engage in.

There are some simple mistakes that can and should be avoided once you are familiar with the rules. You would not want to go “all in” in a game of Poker when you are just a beginner and can barely remember the card combinations, same as you would not want to “hit” a 17 in blackjack when the dealers’ face up card is 7 or lower. When it comes to the Roulette it would not be smart at all to place the same bet at the same time on both odd and even number or a red and black number. It is vitally important to understand how pay-outs work in the game you want to participate in. All these nuances might seem “funny” to the experienced players, but a new player might struggle in the beginning and find it difficult to realize that his actions might be wrong or even harmful to those other players at the table.

This brings us to the awareness that the thrill of exciting high stakes gambling can only be achieved once the player knows his game.

Playing online safely

Gambling is an entertainment, it is something that brings risk chasers joy and can even be a hobby to some. Players who carefully select their chip sizes as well as the players in high stakes gambling sites want casinos to be trustworthy. There is a belief that house always has an advantage and if that is so, nobody wants to spend that hard-earned money in some rigged establishment.

Finding a regulated and reliable casino, be it land-based or especially online, can be quite challenging nowadays due to the numerous offers there are in this industry. Good news is that it is not impossible. There are tons of good quality trustworthy casinos that high stakes players can feel safe in and focus on their primarily casino visit reason- the joy and thrill of gambling.

So start your journey online in a safe way and choose one of our tested highs takes casino. You can find the list from here.

High stakes online casinos cater to the needs of millions of high rollers. They offer the opportunity to bet big and win big from the comfort of your home, without going to the nearest casino. Of course, the house edge is the same, so you can lose a lot of money if you’re not careful. These casinos should be approached with caution unless you’re a millionaire looking to spend a lot of money.

The good news is that online casinos with high stakes tables and games offer everything for all players. You can go low stakes or play the high-roller way if you want to. Pick a high stakes casino from our list and enjoy the Vegas experience anytime and anywhere.