The Best Highest Paying Online Casinos in the World

Highest Paying Online Casinos

Since the past few years, online casino and gambling has become a highly competitive market. With numerous options available over the internet, it is quite challenging to find the best paying online casino these days.

Having said that, if you have done your homework right, you can still find some of the better online casinos in terms of average percentage payout, calculated and monitored independently by eCOGRA.

We have compiled a list of the highest paying online casinos that you can find over the internet today:

Wazamba Casino – probably the best paying online casino in the world

With Daily Drops and Wins prizes that go as high as €4,500 a day, Wazamba is a unique online casino that offers its players some great loyalty schemes. First surfaced in 2019, this online casino has gained popularity in recent times.

Providing its gaming services in English, Polish, German, Japanese, Italian, Norwegian, Finnish, Hungarian, Portuguese and Russian, Wazamba holds a Curacao issued i-gaming license. Each week, players can benefit from the Weekly Reload Bonus that offers 50 free spins on selective slots.

Wazambas average RTP should be around 96% and that makes it one of the best paying online casino in the world.

Wazamba Casino Review

100% up to 500€

200 Free Spins

Gunsbet Casino

Created in 2017, Gunsbet is a relatively new online casino that is operated by Direx N.V. With over 1000 games and 50 live casino games, this is one of the renowned online casinos that you might have already heard of.

Players making their first ever deposit can use the promo code BONUS100 to get a 100% bonus of up to €100, plus 100 free spins. In addition to this, weekend player, you can get a 55% deposit bonus on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Overall, this has a good rating, has one of the larger casino cashiers and the payout processing speed is also relatively quicker.

Gunsbets average RTP should be around 96-97%.

GunsBet Casino Review

100% up to 100€

100 free spins

Webbyslot Casino

At Webbyslot, you can avail the world’s top software providers and earn experience points as you play on a regular basis. These points can then be used to score rewarding tries in the Webbyslot loyalty program.

One of the high paying online casinos over the internet currently, you will be able to start benefiting from the welcome bonus offers as soon as sign up. There are two welcome offers:

  • A match bonus of €200 that can be used to play a variety of games
  • 100 free spins that can be used to play game slots from a specific list

Webbyslots average RTP should be around 95,9% which is not much lower than the number one best paying online casino has.

Webbyslot Casino Review

100% up to 200€

100 free spins

Loki Casino

With a decent user interface, overall gameplay, game variety, payment methods and bonuses, Loki Casino is a good option in the world of online casinos.

The bonus offers that you get are:

  • Welcome Bonus – $1,000 deposit will change your status so you can get up to $1,000 that is based on a 50% deposit match high roller bonus
  • Birthday Bonus – if you have made at least one transfer into your player’s account, you will receive a birthday bonus that is selected by the casino and it could include free spins, cash reward or both.
  • 50% Deposit Bonus on Fridays – if you have made three deposits in a week, you could get this bonus. The match is 50% for up to $50.
  • Complimentary Bonus Points – according to this program, you can earn points based on the money you played and then you might get bonuses based on the points earned.

Loki Casinos average RTP should be around 97,0%.

Loki Casino Review

100% up to 100€

100 free spins

Kassu Casino – one of the best paying online casino for European market

Another relatively newer online casino, Kassu casino made noticeable in-roads as far as game variety, banking methods for deposits/withdrawals and bonus policies are concerned.

Like most of the other online casinos, Kassu will greet you with a Welcome Offer as soon as you start playing at this online casino. The current plan might give you up to $1,500 of bonus cash and up to 300 free spins. In addition to this, when you make your first deposit, you will get 300 free spins and also a 100% match for up to $300.

Moreover, players can avail Reload Bonus Offer – an opportunity to earn bonus spins upon account reload. And then there is a VIP program as well for those who rank amongst the top. These players can enjoy a lot of perks such as exclusive bonuses, birthday gifts, dedicated account managers, etc.

Kassu Casinos average RTP should be around 95,0%.

Kassu Casino Review

100% up to €300
T&C apply

100% up to €300

What is RTP / Return To Player?

Most people that have been playing for a while, perhaps years, or even decades if we count in land casinos, are familiar with the terms payback percentage or Return To Player or, or in short simply RTP.

Along with this and around slots there are many beliefs and rumours around how casinos, and especially slot games work. Some beliefs are more superstitious than others where many believe games to be “rigged” or programmed in a way to make the player lose. Some players think that slots have a “memory” and can remember a past win and therefore will not pay out. To some degree casinos have probably benefited from this vast range of mysticism surrounding slot machines.

However, in reality, when you strip it down to the core slot machines are very simple. All slots are based on an RNG or a “Random Number Generator”. Simply put it’s a computer program that can randomly draw from a set of predetermined outcomes when asked. When a player clicks the spin button, a request is sent to a central server that generates an outcome using the RNG, and returns it to the player’s game session which in return displays the round outcome to the player on screen.

To really simplify RTP and whether a win or a loss is returned, imagine a slot with only 10 different outcomes and where 8 outcomes are losses that return 0 € to the player. 1 outcome is a small win and returns 1 €, and 1 outcome is a big win that 8 € to the player. Let’s assume the bet in this case is 1 €.

The total possible win in this game if all possible outcomes added is 1 € + 8 € = 9 €.

This gives us an RTP of 9 € / 10 = 0.9 * 100 = 90%. The random number generator randomly draws rounds from the pool of 10 possible outcomes each time a player makes a bet and returns it to the player, and that’s really all there is to it. A modern slot game has way more outcomes than 10 of course, but it essentially works in a similar manner.

Knowing this, we know that the game’s theoretical RTP plays a role in how favorable it is for the player to play it. The higher the RTP, the more likely the player is to win big… Or is it that simple? Not quite…

Because you could technically have a slot game with a 99.99% RTP but with a volatility so low that you feel like you never win anything because the wins would always be only a fraction bigger than the bet itself. You would never win enough to make you feel like a winner. If you bet 1 € and you always win 1.01 € the game will feel very boring and you would probably change to something else after a few minutes. So this is where the game volatility comes in to play which is the second component that affects a slot game in a significant way. A high volatility game has fewer but bigger wins while a low volatility game will have more frequent but smaller wins.

The conclusion is that it’s in general it is good to select a game with a high RTP, while adjusting the volatility according to your win expectations. For example, it’s not necessarily good to play a jackpot game if you would be happy to win 500 €. Or vice versa! Play a jackpot game if you don’t care about small wins but would like to win the life changing millions. If you want to win enough to go on a holiday there are better options than jackpot games! Choosing a best paying online casino really makes a difference.

How do you find the online casino with the best payback percentage?

First of all, a good habit when opening a game is to always check the RTP before playing. In most games you can find it in the info section in the game menu. Sometimes it can be tricky to find it but if you look enough you’ll find it eventually. The reason you need to check RTP in the game is because there are some slots that can be configured with different RTP:s. Games from Play’n GO is one example. And recently Netent has started to offer this option as well. Therefore, it’s a good idea to make sure you are not playing a game with a lower RTP setting than necessary. In general it’s a bad idea to play any slot games with an RTP below 96% and we’ll talk more about that in a moment.

Luckily for players, some casinos have started to offer games with higher RTP:s as well, and for someone who wants the highest RTP possible it’s a good idea to start with those. Netent has a few games that can be configured with an above normal 98% payback percentage and these are currently:

Twin Spin, Guns N Roses, Fruit Shop, Butterfly Staxx, Reel Rush, Dead or Alive, Steam Tower, Aloha, Jack Hammer and Gonzo’s Quest Megaways.

Some other games with a high standard RTP setting are:

Bloodsuckers by Netent, 1429 Uncharted Seas by Thunderkick, Jackpot 6000 by Netent, The Catfather by Pragmatic Play, Jokerizer by Yggdrasil.

Out of all these games the best choices would be to go for the Netent games with a specially configured 98% RTP as they offer some volatility as well, for example Dead or Alive or Gonzo’s Quest Megaways.

So again, avoid playing games with an RTP of less than 96%. This way you can make sure your payback percentage stays above 96% over the long term.

How do you find the highest paying online casino?

Since so much of the payback comes down to what games the individual player chooses to play, it would be too much of a generalization to say that a particular casino has the best payout. To get the most value out of your gameplay, the benefit should be calculated over a long period of time, with a long term perspective in mind. Noone can know whether one session of playing slots will be profitable or not. Therefore it should be viewed as a numbers game, where the correct strategy is to aim for the highest RTP slots possible most of the time. This way the player can tilt the odds to be as favorable as possible over the long term. Theoretically all players will lose on average, but a player that minimizes play on low RTP slots will in general lose less over a longer period of time.

Whenever making decisions about something that costs money, it’s good to go for the long term value. Nobody knows whether they will ever win big, but everyone can make sure to play on the best terms possible!

best paying online casino

How to find the best paying online casino?

How much should I bet?

Something a casino player has to always keep in mind is that slot game RTP is always calculated over a large number of spins, usually in the range of 1 million spins or more. This means that the smaller the bet size the less volatility, and the higher the bet size the higher the volatility relative to your bankroll. A good idea is to not bet more than 0.5-1% of your bankroll per spin. If you bet more you are taking on more risk and volatility. If you bet less, you risk winning too small to cashout on the positive side.

Of course, every player has to weigh in what they think is important. For example, if a player wants as much playtime as possible, lowering the bet will definitely make for a longer playing session because more spins will lead the session closer to the game’s theoretical RTP. Or, if a player doesn’t really care about playing but just wants to make a few bets, then a higher bet might be justified to reduce playing time and increase volatility.

Let’s do a little recap regarding how to play with the highest RTP.

  1. Don’t play slots with a theoretical RTP below 96%. Aim for an RTP closer to or above 97%.
  2. Avoid slots with too low volatility. These give you a lot of playing time but you often end up losing.
  3. Don’t bet more than 0.5-1% of your balance per spin in order to keep volatility at a reasonable level.

Bonus buy feature – Should you buy the bonus?

Bonus buy features have become more and more common and popular lately. They offer a quick shortcut to the bonus game / free spin game for impatient players but at a usually quite steep cost of around 100x the bet size. The reason for the cost is that the bonus feature is designed to land 1/100 spins in the normal game mode. With this in mind you can estimate the probability of getting the bonus game during normal play. Bonus buy features often have a good RTP but due to the high cost they induce high volatility. If you feel that you can afford bonus buys it’s fine to do it once in a while as long as you don’t spend more money than you initially intended.

Good luck!