Latest Casino Bonuses

Using Casino Bonuses is an excellent way to make your casino experience last longer. They give you the chance to gamble with more resources than you initially deposited. Of course this all comes with the added wagering requirements. Wagering requirements mean that you might not be able to cash out your winnings the moment you want to. If you are using casino bonuses then you have to play through the wagering requirements before you can cash out.

If your wish is to pick a bonus and start using it as soon as possible then just pick a casino below and you are ready to go. If your intention is to find out some more about different kind of bonuses and how they work then you are welcome to read on. Now without further ado we present you the latest casino bonuses out there.

What are casino bonuses and why should you use them?

The term “Bonus” means extra value. No matter what the industry is, it is basically something that should add value to the product or service used. When it comes to online casinos the most popular form of bonus is the bonus money you get with a deposit. For example: deposit €100 and you get €100 as a bonus. You can play with €200 although you only deposited half of it.

In addition to the bonus money online casinos can offer you free spins or casino cashback. Whatever the form of a casino bonus might be, they all offer you value in the long term. You can play longer and have fun more.

Different types of casino bonuses

  • Deposit bonuses give extra money for you to play with. Usually the deposit bonuses vary from 50% to 100%. This of course it not set in stone and some online casinos might give you better or worse deals. In some rare cases the sign up bonuses may give out up to 500% worth of bonuses. For example if you deposit €100 to Wazamba and claim their deposit bonus you will get €100 extra to play with. But this means that all your cash will be turned into bonus money and you are not able to cash the winnings out before you have played through the bonus requirements. Usually the requirements are in the range of 35-40 times. If it is bigger than that I suggest you not to use it as it is not very beneficial to the player any more.
  • No deposit bonuses mean bonuses that you get without making a deposit. For example: you open an account in an online casino and you get €10. Usually these kinds of bonuses don`t exceed €20 and they are hard to find.
  • Free spins represent spins in various slot games. You can claim them with opening an account or by making a deposit. You could also earn them inside the slot games yourself by playing with real money or by participating in different promotions or tournaments a online casino might be offering.
  • Cashback means that an online casino will refund you with a certain amount in case you ended up losing there. It is not the most popular casino bonus out there but some of the providers are still using it.
  • Loyalty Programs are made for rewarding the loyal players. If one is loyal enough he might be awarded with trips to different places, tickets to sports events, casino bonus points etc. They differentiate a lot so it is complicated to explain them any further here. You must read the terms and conditions thoroughly if you want to know what a certain loyalty program of a casino offers.

Bonus terms

As I already mentioned the play through requirements of different online casino bonuses may differentiate a lot. The most important thing is to read them through thoroughly and make sure you understand every one of them before you start using them. This is the only real way to stay out of troubles afterwards. If there is still something that you have hard time understanding then you can always contact the support team via live chat and ask them about what was unclear.

People have contacted us numerous times complaining that the terms of casino bonuses are hard to understand so you should never take the rules too lightly.

We mentioned different bonus types already, now let us take a look at some of the most frequent bonus terms that casinos use:

  • Casinos are very strict about the rule that one household can only open one account in a certain casino. This means that you and your roommate or partner can`t both open accounts with the same IP address. The same goes for the credit card or bank account you use for making a deposit. This one of the first things casinos look for when trying to find bonus abusers so please be vary of it. You might end up with your account blocked and deposit amount lost.
  • It is of upmost importance to use your own personal information when opening an account in an online casino. If you use someone else`s data you will be stripped of your winnings when caught. Online casinos ask your document before you can cash out so abusing this point is nearly impossible.
  • Wagering requirements are made up so that you couldn`t cash out your deposit with the bonus received. For example if you make a deposit on €100 then you have to make bets in the amount of €3000 if the wagering requirements are set to 30 times.
  • If you have an active bonus on your account then you aren`t able to play certain games. Some games don`t allow bonus money so please read about this from the bonus terms as well. Usually this is so with the table games where RTP is bigger than with slots.
  • Casino bonuses might not be able in every country and might be restricted to some of them.
  • Maximum withdrawal limits have been set up for some of the bonuses. For example if you deposit €10 and win €5000 you might only get a part of that win. The exceeding part will be erased.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to fill in the bonus code before deposit in order to claim an online bonus. If this is the case and you forgot it, just contact the casinos support and they still might give you some.

Other important aspects about casino bonuses

First of all we suggest you to play only in trustworthy online casinos. A sure bet is always to go with a big industry leader or to choose one from our online casino list. The casinos in our list are all tested by us we have verified that they do pay when asked to.

Another thing to point out is that some of the online casinos might cancel your bonuses whenever they feel like it. That is another sign of an untrustworthy casino and we have made sure that none of these have ended up on our list.

If a casino does end up not paying you in one form or another you are pretty defenceless. Your only chance is to make it public and hope that they will make you right in fear of losing their reputation. Be sure to read our reviews before selecting a casino.

Which offer to choose from the latest casino bonuses?

Well it really depens on yourself. Think about what do you like the most. Do you prefer straightforward casino bonuses, free spins or cash backs? Why not try them all? There is no law against using all the latest casino bonuses you can find our site. Just pick a casino, open an account, take the maximum bonus you can get and use it.

After you are done with the first one you can always go for another one at the next online casino in the list.


Now let`s answer some of the most frequent questions that people have about casino bonuses.

⭐ How do casino bonuses work?

Casino bonus is an added value that a certain casino provides it`s customers. This grants the players more playing time for less money. There are numerous of different bonuses that work in various ways.

⭐ Can you make money with casino bonuses?

You could basically make a few bucks with free offers but in the long run they are not profitable.

⭐ What is a welcome bonus or package?

Welcome bonus is the bonus or package that is offered to new clients. It is usually substantially better than the usual offers.

⭐ What do the play through requirements of online casino bonuses mean?

The casino bonus changes your money together with the added sum into bonus money. The amount has to be played through a certain amount of times before you can cash it all out.

⭐ Should I use the casino bonuses?

Yes, they enrichen your online casino experience and give you more money to gamble with.

⭐ Can I win with free spins?

Yes you may win with free spins. Some of the online casinos don`t have play through requirements in place for the winnings from free spins. Even if there were you could still end up winning.

⭐ What is a deposit bonus?

Deposit bonus is the amount bonus added to your deposit. It is usually 30-50%.

⭐ Can I cancel my bonus?

Yes you can cancel your bonus any time but before doing that take into account that if you lost some of the money then it is first subtracted from your own money. If you won, your winnings will be cancelled and you can cash out the deposited sum.

⭐ Which ones are the most useful casino bonuses to the player?

The most useful bonuses are the free spins and deposit bonuses.

⭐ Which online casino has the best welcome bonus?

In order to find the best welcome bonus at this very moment you will have to visit our site and navigate to the casino bonuses section.

What now?

Enough of chit-chat. It is time to pick a casino bonus and to start playing your favourite game. Have fun and good luck!