High Stakes Poker

What’s the first associated when you heart the terms high stakes and casino? If you ask us, it’s poker. Poker is the ultimate high stakes game, with plenty of those being run in Vegas in the past. Illegal high stakes poker games are also pretty popular, but we’re not going to go into those. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about high stakes online poker games.

One of the most popular casino games of all time, poker is beyond thrilling. There’s a whole subculture built around it. The game’s popularity exceeds casino joints or online gaming sites – poker holds a firm ground in pop culture on its own.

There are plenty of reasons for it. High stakes games in Vegas and the topic being explored in different media, including Hollywood movies, certainly played a part in poker’s popularity. While the topic is certainly fun to talk about, high stakes poker is not for the faint of heart.

As a matter of fact, it’s a game reserved for those who like a challenge.

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What is High Stakes Poker?

High stakes poker is regular online poker but played at tables with the highest limits. This is a special challenge not unlike the major tournaments such as WSOP. Poker is the ideal high stakes game. Certain variants have a pot that may be as big as thousands or more, and for that to happen, the players must bid immense sums of cash.

Of course, this isn’t a game for the faint-hearted. Regardless of the variant, poker is one of the games with the highest limits you’ll find in online casinos. If you’re not familiar with it or you don’t have the money to spend, you’re best to stay away. If you have the cash to spend, you’re welcome to take your virtual seat at the table and test your skills against others.

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How High Are the Limits?

It depends on the variants themselves. Some will allow you to play for €500 or €1,000 per hand. Other online poker variants will up the stakes to €5,000 for the blinds. As a general rule of thumb, anything over €5,000 per hand is considered high stakes poker. Of course, both the stakes and rewards are pretty high in these games. You’ll be risking a lot of cash, but you can win a lot in return too.

High rollers love to take their seat at these tables. Most of these games are RNG-controlled, but the top high stakes poker games come in live dealer variants.

Advantages and Disadvantages of High Stakes Poker

Both the pros and cons of these tables are pretty obvious. The biggest drawback of high stakes poker games is the fact that you can go bankrupt in a single hand. It all depends on how big your bankroll is and how much you’re willing to spend. If you think you’re up to the challenge but you’re playing against pros, you will almost surely lose your cash.

There have been plenty of examples where inexperienced players thought they can take on pros and lost their whole bankroll. This is why high stakes poker is best left to seasoned players. You’re not in it to risk it all and win big or go home. Poker is a game of strategy and skill and you’ll be aiming to stay in the game for the long run.

Of course, those who can afford to spend that much (high rollers) will be glad to win the pot in return. The higher the stakes, the larger the best and pot. High stakes poker games with limits over €10,000 can have a significantly large pot to take. Of course, it will require more than just huge bets. You’ll have to use your skills and knowledge to defeat the others and claim the pot for yourself.

Can I Try High Stakes Poker for Free?

That’s the beauty of online casinos. Most RNG variants of poker will allow you to try them for free. Some casino sites won’t even ask for registration – you can try the games without creating a profile. In this way, you can differentiate between high- and low-stakes games of poker and pick the one that suits you best.

When you’re ready to move to the next level, you can hit the high stakes tables online for real money. You can use your knowledge from the free rounds and try to win big by staking big sums of cash. Why not try the goods before you buy them? You can’t try Vegas poker games for free, but you can do it online before you splash the cash.

Online Poker Bonuses

Another major advantage online casinos have over their land-based counterparts are the bonuses. Think of them as comps, but in a virtual sense. You can earn a bonus as soon as you register at a poker site. In most cases, the site will offer a first deposit bonus which should cover 100% of it or less.

Welcome bonuses are a great way to start your poker journey. You will at least double your money right from the start. This will allow you to try more variants than you originally thought. It will also give you more cash to bet with which is quite useful in high stakes online poker games.

However, keep in mind that you should only claim bonuses that have fair wagering requirements. Read the terms and conditions thoroughly before you click on the Claim button, or you will lose the extra funds quickly.

High Stakes Poker Tips and Strategies

Poker is a game of skill and strategy. It goes without saying that you can’t just barge in on a variant and play it like a slot. It deserves a lot more focus and prior knowledge or you’ll end up in a losing rut sooner than later. While free online poker variants give you a chance to practice, high stakes poker tables leave no room for mistakes. This is why it’s good to brush up on your poker skills before investing and stick to expert tips and strategies.

First things first. Before you join the big leagues, you should master the art of playing low poker stakes. If you learn to beat the so-called micro-stakes, and there are plenty of those online, you can acclimate to high stakes poker tables more easily. Online poker variants with lower wagers will give you a lot of room to practice like a pro. You will eventually learn more about the game itself and how to stake properly across all variants. This knowledge will be invaluable when you get to play high stakes tables.

The second tip pros can share about high stakes poker online is to be prepared for bad beats. No matter how good you are, you must keep in mind that there might be better players at the table. You will get in bad beats and you must be aware of it. No one wins 100% of their hands. Sooner or later, you will lose, and you need to learn to stay calm amidst the storm. If you keep calm and collected, there’s a great chance that you’ll get out of the losing rut soon.

If you end up in a losing rut, don’t chase your losses. This is a very important tip, especially for high stakes poker games. It can be a deadly move that will make you go bankrupt before you know it. Be very careful when playing high stakes online poker. Take your time and rethink your moves before you use your deposit. It can all go downhill very fast if you’re not careful.

Most importantly, don’t think of it as a source of income. Even when you’re playing high stakes poker, it should be fun, not a stressful experience. This kind of attitude will keep your mindset positive and hopefully help you make better decisions.

High Stakes Poker Tournaments

When you’re ready to splash the cash, many poker sites will offer high stakes tournaments against pros. Playing high stakes poker is exciting on its own, but much better when you take part in such competitions. You’ll be going up against challenging players which will elevate the experience up a notch or two. Winning in high stakes poker games is great, but it doesn’t compare to winning the pot in high stakes tournaments.

Of course, you should be ready to spend plenty of cash to opt-in. These tournaments don’t come for cheap. You’ll also need to be in tip-top shape to play in them if you want to be successful. If you’re good at poker and you’re in it to win it, you can claim pots that exceed hundreds of thousands of Euros or more.

Make sure to read the terms and conditions for each tournament so you don’t miss important info that may result in a ban.

Most Popular High Stakes Poker Games

With both RNG and live poker games available in most online casinos nowadays, you have to take into account all the different variants on offer. Some of them will come with a free version (only RNG variants), but not all of them will offer higher stakes. Many of these games will keep the bet size in a somewhat normal range, but then again, the same variants may come with a high roller ‘mode’.

Best RNG High Stakes Variants

The most popular RNG poker variants with high stakes include No Limit Hold’em, No Limit Omaha, and other games with No Limit in the name. If you’ve never tried them, you can go with the free mode before you deposit and play with real money.

When it comes to the bet size, it depends on the variant itself and the developer. Many will accept bets over €1,000, with some variants accepting bets in the €5,000 range. Make sure to go through a casino site’s poker RNG collection and check them all out for free to see what suits you best. The casinos here at CasinoOrc have massive poker collections so it would be wise to browse through them all before settling on a choice.

Best Live Dealer High Stakes Poker Tables

If you’re really into high stakes poker online, you’re best off with live dealer games. Live casinos typically offer the same RNG variants of poker, but this time you’ll be going up against a dealer and real players. These games also bump the stakes up and the bet sizes. You’ll regularly find VIP poker tables that accept bets in the €10,000 range.

Of course, you don’t have the luxury of trying them out for free. This is basically the same experience you get at Vegas tables, but this time it’s streamed to your device. Live high stakes poker is a high roller’s dream. If you’re particularly confident in your skills and you have the money to spend, these games are the right fit.

Responsible Gambling

Gambling is addictive and very dangerous, especially when it comes to high stakes poker games. Online casinos nowadays will offer help to players in need through one of the responsible gambling programs.

Playing at higher stakes can be very thrilling, but also a destructive habit that can make you go bankrupt. If you believe that you need help with your habit, don’t hesitate to seek help through the live chat support. It’s better to act early before the damage has already been done.

Who is it for?

High stakes poker and for that matter all high stakes casino games are mostly suitable for high rollers. These games are not your typical, friendly round of poker – they require knowledge and expertise. You can’t rely on luck to play them – doing so will put you in trouble sooner than you realize. Playing at high stakes tables means that you’re going to be risking a mountain of cash, so you better bring your A-game to the table.

If you’re confident about it and you believe yourself a good poker player, you’re welcome to try them, but play with a strategy if you want to be successful.