Casinobud Casino Review

Casinobud is a new casino site and introduces a new type of concept called “Play together” that, as the name suggests, allows a group of players to stake a casino session together.

It works in such a way that someone takes on the role as “leader” and creates a game session. Others may then join and stake the session. The leader then plays the game and others can either follow the activity updates that automatically appear in the session lobby, or the leader can stream the game on Twitch and others can watch the live stream. When the leader decides to cashout, everyone automatically gets their fair share according to their stake.

Gamewise the variety is pretty good with many slots, table games, video poker and live casino. The site is very functional, with a practical design and very easy to navigate and find whatever you are looking for. The Play together feature is well explained and you’ll find answers to most questions you might have in the FAQ section.

Pros / Cons
  • Play together with others
  • Easy to navigate site
  • Pay'n Play
  • No welcome bonus

For whom is this new Play together feature most useful you might ask? For me, me and my friends from time to time feel like playing a little casino in the evening but we’re too lazy to get out of the house and gather somewhere physically to play. This is exactly when Casinobud’s Play together comes in handy and can actually offer us a really good solution. It even solves the problem of sending money around to friends or requesting a friend to pay the winnings because verything happens automatically at Casinobud. Try it out and you won’t regret it!


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