3 Slot games with an equal jackpot pool to lottery games

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Various lottery games are a favorite among gamblers looking to score the next coveted jackpot. No wonder! The amounts that people win through various National Lotteries can be life-changing. A less known fact is that big jackpots are also scored via online casinos. The slot games can bring home big wins with bets as small as 0,10€

How does it work?

It is possible to play games with a progressive jackpot system in various licensed online casinos. This means that their jackpot amount consists of the accumulated revenue streams of multiple casinos and it often surpasses the jackpot pool of some of the biggest lottery games. What really makes these enticing for players though is the fact that your chances to win the jackpot are very similar regardless of whether you bet 0,10€ or 200€. And here’s the best bit – you are able to hunt down the big wins at any time you choose. No need to wait for lottery Wednesdays!

Let’s get to it!

In the following section we will give you an overview of 3 slot games with progressive jackpots that have already made many people happy millionaires.

Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune is produced by one of the biggest players in the slot game sphere and has already created many millionaires during its relatively short lifespan. The game itself is very simple and was designed around various glamorous widgets. We are certain that hunting the jackpot by playing Mega Fortune is way more exciting than playing the usual lottery games.

Currently the best place for trying out Mega Fortune is on the website which has an Estonian license. You can get started in less than 2 minutes and won’t even need to register. Start by clicking on the green button below. Casino Review

Unique Loyalty program

No registration needed!

The jackpot pool for the Mega Fortune slot game currently stands at just below 2 million Euros. The biggest prize ever paid out by this game was a whopping 17.8 million Euros. You can see a video of the win below.

Mega Moolah

Now we’ve made it to the real millionaire maker! Mega Moolah is much older than the previous slot game and as such it has been able to produce many more millionaires as well.
The biggest win that was ever paid out from this game was 18.9 million Euros.

The game was created by the well-known developer of online casino software called Microgaming and should therefore be well suited for most lottery players. The jackpot pool for Mega Moolah currently sits at 1.1 million Euros. is currently also the best place for trying out the Mega Moolah slot game. Through you get free 500 spins just for signing up for an account.

Divine Fortune

Divine Fortune has a much smaller jackpot pool compared to the previously mentioned titles. Of course this isn’t always a bad thing: this is simply because the smaller the jackpot pool is the easier it is to win it too. Furthermore, this particular title is the newest release in this list which means its entertainment value is much more attractive compared to the others.

If the jackpot winnings from the previous titles seemed like fiction to you then Divine Fortune’s biggest win so far has only been 385 000€ in comparison. A lot less, but it still helps, right? Currently the Jackpot pool for Divine Fortune stands at 65 000€ Euros. Right now the best place for trying out Divine Fortune is at pikakasino.

How To Proceed?

You’ve now made your decision, right? Would you like to switch up playing the usual lottery games with some big jackpot slot games? Very good! This is very simple to do and we can tell you how to get started in no more than 5 minutes.

To begin all you need to do is get an account in one of the licensed online casinos, approve the account and make a deposit payment. Don’t worry – opening an account is super easy. Verifying the account is a breeze for anybody that knows how to do anything with a computer and the deposit payments don’t need to be large. You can start chasing jackpots with as little as an initial payment of 10€. And if you make bets per each 0,10€ slot game spin you’ll be having fun for a long time!

To begin you can just pick a room from our online casino list or even easier – listen to our advice and sign up for a casino account.

Now, pick one of the games suggested by us and then also click on one of the links we have provided and you will take the quickest route to their account registering page.

Once you have an account make sure to verify using your ID-card, Mobile ID or bank credentials. Don’t worry: the featured casinos will take good care of your personal data and your information won’t end up in places where it shouldn’t be.

Once the account is opened and verified all you need to do is make an appropriate payment and you can start playing!

You’ve Not Played Slot Games Before?

No problem! This is also super easy. Once you’ve gone through the previous steps just choose a casino and navigate to their list of games. Then make a search for the desired game. Pick the game that seemed most appealing from our list and start playing that one.

Once the game loads you need to decide on the bet amount per each spin (lowest amount is 0,10€ and the largest is 1000€) and you’re set to play. Nothing left to do but to press the big round button in the middle of the game area and hope that the God of luck will reward you with a sizeble win.

Start playing by choosing an online casino!