The Biggest High Stakes Casinos in the World

The Biggest High Stakes Casinos in the World

The online casino industry has largely overtaken its land-based cousin. However, regardless of the games and bonuses online gaming sites offer, they have nothing on high stakes casinos. It’s where the rich and the famous go to socialize and spend dreamy sums of cash almost no player has ever spent in VIP online casinos. High stakes venues simply ooze class and offer rewards that you can’t even imagine in the form of huge jackpots and table game payouts that top millions.

Of course, these casinos aren’t suitable for everyone. New players will stay away from them since the limits on tables are much higher. High stakes casinos have a very specific clientele who’s not afraid to spend hundreds of thousands on a table. The limits are higher and so are the payouts, but to be perfectly honest, the winning chances are the same as in a regular casino. There have been many cases where wealthy socialites or celebrities have lost half a million or more in a night in deluxe Vegas or Macau casinos. They can afford it for sure, and they’re surely attracted by the services and comps these casinos offer. As we have already peeked upon the high stakes gambling online it is now time to dive into the live world.

How High Stakes Casinos Work

One might wonder how can these casinos afford the luxury and record-breaking payouts? Visit a high stakes casino and you’ll see that there’s been no money spared on the exterior and interior. These casinos are the best in their class, offering a deluxe experience in terms of visuals and gameplay too.

At the top high stakes casinos in the world, you’ll find a selection of the highest-paying poker and blackjack tables and luxurious roulette wheels. Craps is a popular game in these casinos too. A game of chance that can pay big if you’re lucky, the top high stakes venues in the world have the best craps tables.

These casinos are fueled by the big bets of their customers. That’s how they fund all the extravaganza. Some of the top high stakes casinos in the world have cost billions, but they usually manage to cover that with revenue in the first couple of years. When you have players such as Michael Jordan or Hollywood stars on your tables, big money is guaranteed.

If you think you can afford it, we have compiled a list of the best high stakes venues in the world where big money bets are the only ‘currency’.

The Ritz Club, London

The Ritz Hotel has been accommodating wealthy people for over a century. It added a casino to its number of services in the late 1970s, starting with the Ritz Club in London. Notice how it’s called a club rather than the simple casino? That’s because it’s as exclusive as it gets. Good luck on trying to enter it if you’re not on the list of guests. This exclusive club is open to high rollers only, offering 24/7 action on an endless number of tables and slots.

The members-only club has a joining fee of £1,000. If you have the money to spend, you can expect a deluxe experience in the heart of London. The Ritz Club features dozens of blackjack, poker, roulette, and baccarat tables. There are also Salles Prives rooms with a minimum stake of £1 million where the top members can enjoy a private gaming session.

Venetian Macau

Spread over 546,000 square feet, the Venetian in Macau is one of the world’s largest buildings by floor area. It’s also one of the biggest casinos in the world and a top destination for high rollers. It’s an easily recognizable building with a bright exterior and a posh interior that no one is immune to. This premium casino resort is located around a huge body of water. There are expensive tours in a gondola that circles the resort similar to what you might get in Venice.

It’s a sight to behold for sure, and the gambling area is just as impressive. The Venetian Macau is especially focused on high rollers with tables with minimums of $1 million. Those are located in the private rooms that are only available to VIP members.

For the public, the casino has nearly 1,000 tables spanning blackjack, baccarat (which is huge in Asia), craps, poker, and roulette. There are also over 6,000 slot machines, many of them offering life-changing rewards. Make sure your pocket is deep enough, though – this high stakes casino is not for beginners.

Venetian Macau

Venetian Macau casino is truly astonishing

City of Dreams, Macau

A mega casino where dreams are made, City of Dreams is an imposing structure that sits opposite of the Venetian Macau. It sprawls over an area of 420,000 square feet, making it one of the biggest casinos in the world. What’s even more impressive is the modern architectural design with several buildings that house the casino sections as well as bars, restaurants, night clubs, and a live water theatre too.

City of Dreams is a truly dreamy destination for all high stakes players. It has over 1,500 slot machines and around 500 tables with sky-high limits that only high rollers can afford. Of course, these come in addition to private rooms where the minimum entry is surely worth over $1 million.

At the same time, the incredible gaming ‘city’ has a shopping area too featuring the most expensive and popular brands. It’s a sight to behold for sure and certainly lives up to the leading leisure destination moto.

Wynn Macau

The Wynn is one of the top high stakes casinos in Vegas, and Macau has not stayed immune to its charms. The same company headlined the project for the Wynn Macau which is every bit as impressive as its Nevada counterpart. The casino resort follows the same architectural guidelines as the Nevada resort, upping things up in terms of luxury and eye-catching visual elements.

It stretches over a space of 273,000 square feet where you won’t only find casino tables. The Wynn Macau has 29 designer shops and four massive fine-dine restaurants. An art gallery, a spa, and a breathtaking pool are part of the complex which is known for the artsy, color-changing Dragon of Fortune and Tree of Prosperity light shows.

In terms of gambling, it features hundreds of casino tables and thousands of slot machines. High rollers love the Wynn as it has tables with sky-high limits where they can spend big and possibly win big too.

Rio Casino Resort, Klerksdorp, South Africa

Pairing an exotic location with a casino resort, the Rio Casino Resort is a unique high roller destination set in South Africa’s plains. Located in Klerksdorp and taking inspiration from Rio de Janeiro’s world-famous carnival, it stretches over 266,330 square feet of space. In it, you’ll find thousands of slot machines and hundreds of tables in a resort that’s open for business 24/7.

Regular poker tournaments are held in both regular and high roller varieties. The wealthiest high rollers have a Salon Prive where they can place millions of the table in a relaxed atmosphere away from the eyes of the public.

It’s an excellent resort for all gambling enthusiasts with a special focus on high rollers. If you’ve ever wanted to visit Africa and you love to gamble too, the Rio Casino Resort in Klerksdorp is a no-brainer.

MGM Grand, Las Vegas

Sin City is every high roller’s destination with all those deluxe casino buildings appealing to the eye. The MGM Grand is another visually-stunning gambling masterpiece with some of the industry’s top jackpots and casino tables. Whether you’re a roulette, poker, or blackjack fan, you’ll find a great number of high roller tables at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

The unique architecture is what sets it apart from the crowd. Called the City of Entertainment, the MGM Grand can certainly be called one of the top high stakes casinos in the USA and the world.

Wynn, Las Vegas

The Wynn in Las Vegas is every high roller’s dream. If you take a look at the Vegas landscape, you simply can’t miss the building’s curves. So simple and yet so elegant, the Wynn is one of the most prestigious high stakes casinos in the world.

It has everything a modern casino resort should have. That includes a massive gambling area with thousands of games and private rooms for high rollers. You’ll find tables at the Wynn that require millions of dollars, so it’s clear that this isn’t a casino for casual players.

You’ll also find shops and restaurants in the fine dining area that make the Wynn a fantastic resort for high rollers and shoppers alike.

Wynn Casino Las Vegas

The Kurhaus of Baden Baden

The Kurhaus in Germany’s Baden Baden is often called Europe’s preferred high roller destination. It’s one of the oldest casinos in the world as well, pairing Baden Baden’s famous spas with the unique architecture.

Constructed at the beginning of the XX century by French artist Friedrich Weinbrenner, the neo-classical casino complex is as luxurious as it gets. It was always a place for the elite, being visited often by the legendary German actress Marlene Dietrich. It a place for the elite today as well, with thousand of tables and a first-class experience that even Vegas can’t match.

It’s called the most expensive casino in the world where players get treated like royalty. If you’re in for high stakes action, it’s one of the best high stakes casinos in the world.